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Christine McConnell

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Undoubtedly everyone already knows about Ms McConnell, but I just discovered her.


Sort of a cross between Elvira and Martha Stewart.  On YouTube...


Here's her first "From the Mind of Christine McConnell" episode.  Fun stuff for this time of year.   :rolleyes:






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1 minute ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

I had never heard of her.  


Rather photogenic,  isn't she?


Ain't she, though...?  :blush:


Seems to be quite talented, too!  ^_^


By the way... the Netflix series is a bit different ~ focused on cooking, in an "Addams-esque" fashion.   :rolleyes:

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7 hours ago, Smoky Pistols said:

Watched an episode the other night for the first time.  She's definitely easy on the eyes, but the show was kinda hokey.


The NetFlix series was "kinda hokey," but the YouTube episodes are - in my not-so-humble opinion - much better.  :rolleyes:  

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