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F/S Pedersoli Lightning 20" Oct. 44-40

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F/S  Pedersoli 44-40 Short Rifle from Cimarron with 20" octagon barrel, excellent condition, tuned by Lassiter with larger front sight when new for original owner. This is my back up lightning that was purchased off of the SASS Wire approx. 2 yrs. ago. It is not set up for "slam fire".  Sell for $1290.00 shipped to FFL in Cont. USA.


IMG_3391 (1) Lightg LS 20.JPG

IMG_3393 lightg. 20 3.JPG

IMG_3394 lightg 20 4.JPG

IMG_3396 lightg 20 6.JPG




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Any chance you and that Lightning are coming to Land Run next week?

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1 hour ago, Bulldog Brown said:

Looking forward to getting it. You might have to fight your brother for it.

:lol: He will get drool all over it... That and 44-40 is too manly for his weak wrist and shoulder.



Great looking rifle... Have to let me know how it shoots.

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2 hours ago, Major Art Tillery said:

Thanks for the new Rifle, just in time for Christmas!  Your the best Uncle BullDog! B)


I was thinking Uncle Bulldog must know that my birthday is right around the corner and he's being extra nice this year. :D

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I hope Uncle Bulldog gets to claim all you guys as dependents on his taxes!

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