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3 hours ago, Tex Jones, SASS 2263 said:

Redwing Trading Company.  May not be the cheapest, but they are well made.

+1....to me, Tom's are THE ORIGINAL.

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17 hours ago, watab kid said:

thats why i dont have one - never needed it , but i sure like the look and idea of them , ive always wondered how you get one that fits all needs ? 

That's why I never did buy one either! I won the one I have at a match about six years ago. I forgot I had it till this topic came up, think I will get rid of it. V.D.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that the "Screw Knife" was patented by Red Wing.

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The name "Redwing Screwknife" might be copyrighted, but a thin screwdriver with a fancy antler handle isn't innovative enough to be issued a patent.


I'm not going to be sued for patent infringement for this, even if I had used antler for the handle.



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I'll make you a folding one from an Opinel of

your choice.  I have a no7 that I EDC, the Opinel's came out in the 1890's so it's not a huge stretch.  Here's mine.


On 9/28/2020 at 1:03 PM, El CupAJoe said:

Here's what I put together this weekend from an Opinel No 7.  I figured out some sweet tricks in the making.  I'd be willing to make these for anyone that wants one, $35 shipped, just give me the driver dimensions you want and what size Opinel you want, I can work with someone wants one of the specialty handles for an upcharge.  All proceeds will go towards my SASS  membership fee.



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