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Another consequence of the virus

Trigger Mike

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When my mom told her friends in Missouri she was moving to Georgia,  one of them volunteered to go with her.   It seems because of the virus and closed businesses and the like she has been stuck at home and her husband of 35 years and her are not getting along.   Being unable to go places has caused a strain.  


She drove my mom to give herself a break.  She called a friend who lives in Florida to come meet her and they would go to her house for a week and then she would fly home.  


Once they got to my cabin by my pond the driver decided to stay.  She called her friend and talked her into driving up and instead of us meeting her on the road to drop her off, she stayed the night.  


Today they announced they intend to stay another night and help my mom organize her house .  Tomorrow we have a special church meeting so they decided they will organize her house some more while I take my mom to church.   


They both are so weary of lock downs and tge virus, they sit on the porch that over looks a pond.  


I don't mind, but I do think my mom is getting weary as she wants to settle in her new home.  


My daughter even noticed she has a lost look on her face.  

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