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S&W Double Action top break needs new front sight. Ideas wanted!


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I've got a nice old S&W Double Action top break in .32 S&W that I purchased to use in pocket pistol side matches. It's very clean mechanically, and the blue isn't bad either. The gun is in serial number range 278XXX, so I believe this is a late fourth model.

The revolver is missing a front sight blade. It might have broken off, or the barrel or at least the top rib may have been shortened. The top rib lacks a cross pin to secure the front sight blade, which a fourth model should have. There's signs on the top rib that some type of front sight was once installed , whether it was the original blade or a subsequent replacement that fell off I have no idea.  The barrel measures 2.15".

Now I don't NEED a front sight for the short ranges this revolver will be shot at, but I was thinking it might be neat to make a new front sight out of a silver 1892 Mexican 5 centavo coin that I have.

My question is what would be the best way to secure the piece of silver coin to the barrel? Solder? Mill a new slot in the top rib and drill a new hole for a cross pin? Or quit being obsessive and leave the poor thing alone?



top break right 1.jpg

top break muzzle 1.jpg

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18 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


Source a nice "solid silver" non collector Dime and cut to fit.

that's what mine has.

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A friend of mine took a solid silver dime, and his revolver, to his gunsmith, and had him do it, since he did not have the tools, the know-how, or the time, to tackle it himself. it looks great.


Looks like, from the posts above, that some of the other Pards have used a silver dime as well.


Yer a daisy if ya do...



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I worked in an old gun shop back a loong time ago,  The remedy was just what folks are telling: you  get a silver dime and fit it.


Ol'  #4

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Leave it be. That barrel has been shortened at some point in its life (IMO).

There is no slot to mount the sight.

Shoot in and enjoy it for what it is, a perfect pocket pistol!!


On my .38 SA, I had no sight, but the slot and pinhole were there.

We polished up a washer of the correct thickness, and my father-in-law cut it down to size.

Looks great and has seen many CAS side matches and a few main stages.



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