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Friday Humor - jump in and add some

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Recently biologists have noted that more crows have been getting killed by vehicles on major trucking highways than on normal roads. After tire print and impact analysis, they determined that these crows are being killed by large trucks, not cars. One especially bright scientist came up with a hypothesis. These crows always post a sentry while they eat roadkill to warn them of any approaching traffic. The problem lies neither in the sentry nor the larger body of crows, but in miscommunication. The crows have learned to say "Car! Car!" but they have not learned how to say "Truck! Truck!"

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11 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:



First off, I thought...


...then it hit me. :blink:

In hindsight though, I could carrot less. :P

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6 hours ago, Injun Ryder, SASS #36201L said:

Labor..........................Must be furrin. Don't know what it means.:P


 .... well, .... I once heard of a Mexican by the name of Manuel Labour ...   ^_^

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28 minutes ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:


 .... well, .... I once heard of a Mexican by the name of Manuel Labour ...   ^_^

When I was barely legal, and working swing shift, the phone rang.


Nice lady asking to be transferred to HR.


OK, "Please hold." Then transferred the call.


A few minutes later, the phone rings. Same lady, now a touch irritated. Nobody answered.


Well, it is after 10 PM so maybe no-one is there. Wants to be transferred to try again, so I do that.


A few minutes later... Yes, phone rings. She is more irritated. She wants to talk to someone in HR now. NOW!.


So, I offer to walk down to HR to see if anybody is there. I put her on hold and go down to look. Nobody there. Get bak and she is still on hold.


I explain nobody is there, and she is now irate. At me. And demands my name!


So thinking quick, I tell her I am Man-WELL. Man-WELL La-BOR. She asks me to spell it.


M A N U A L   L A B O R.


No way I was going to give my real name to a nut case.


OK, hold on, we aren't done yet. I come in to wrk the next day. My Supervisor asks if I gave my name as Manual Labor the previous night? I said no, not Manual Labor, Man-WELL La-BOR.


After explaining why, never heard anything else about it.

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