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Pair of Ruger .32s for sale SOLD PF

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After holding onto these for a Looong time, I have decided it is time to let them see the light of day some where else.

I bought these when Ruger first offered them for my wife to shoot.  Took stops at several shops before I found two, so the #s aren't cons.

These are polished stainless, fixed sights, 4 5/8" bbls with FULL SIZE Vaquero grips with white panels w/ Ruger emblems.  I fitted them with Wolff hammer/trigger springs and crescent ejector rods.  All factory parts are in the boxes.  She shot ONE match and decided she would rather watch than shoot.  As a result, these were cleaned, oiled and put back in their factory boxes and went deep into the safe years ago.  They have had no more than 50 rounds fired from each.  You have to really look to find any evidence of firing.  They are in SN (to each gun) grey boxes with all the stuff they came with including the plastic disc behind the cyl.  Pics just don't want to post here, so, if interested, PM your phone # and I'll send to you.  I class these as LNIB.  You will be hard pressed to find any nicer that aren't still on a dealers shelf.  $1900.00 shipped to your FFL in Conus. (Might have to discuss Cal sales)

Thanks for looking


SOLD to Dead Steel pending funds.


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Posting for a friend, though I see interest sight-unseen.


And they are purty, feast your eyes:



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Damn auto-change what I typed to something ridiculous and out of context!
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