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Howdy Folks!   

Logan’s Ferry Regulators will be shooting this Saturday, October 10th.  

Looks like the weather is going to be great.  Hope you can make it!


For more information, check out our website


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Mountains???  Here???  Nah.  Not this far "West."  Little hilly is all.  West Virginia gotz Mountains.


Does look like a really good day for CAS though.  Cap Guns you betcha!!

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You missed a GREAT match Slider!!!  The weather was absolutely PERFECT!!  Well designed match too.  Really fun to shoot.  Prairie Dawg and I had a ball shooting Frontiersman Gunfighter (That's Gunfighter with Cap Gun Snubbies).  Really great day it twer.

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Slider missed everyone too.  

Hard... can’t be two places at one time. 

Thanks to everyone who could make it.  It’s so fun to get together.  We did have perfect weather.  
Once again, we appreciate all the posse assistance plus setup and tear down help.  

Many hands makes for a lighter load!  

A special thank you to Gray Squirrel who took the reins as Match Director.


Congratulations to Hooligan Howes, Top Cowboy and Bdoc, Top Cowgirl.  


Thanks again everyone,

Dusty...... Dirt’s Sidekick


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Had a blast. For some reason I did the math wrong and only loaded 120 rounds for Myself and Bdoc. Going down the driveway running through my check list it hit me I need 240 rounds. Well if you know me I'm always running late. So I backed up and came up with a plan. I had about 6 half boxes of 45 BP loaded. so I switched out guns and I shot the match with a mixed lot of 45 BP 

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