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Amazon hacker calls

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I've gotten about 5 calls recently saying that my Amazon account has had numerous failed login attempts and that I should let them access my account to fix it.


The only one I answered ended like this:

  • "Are you near a computer or smartphone?"
  • "No. I am in the middle of the wilderness in my truck."  (I was in the wilderness on a camping trip)
  • "Click"


If I answer another one, I think I will tell them:

  • "Thanks, I will contact Amazon right away." 
  • Then lay the phone down to see how long they will stay on the line (or whatever you call a cell phone transmission).



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Oh no!  Let me get my grand son, he's so much better at computers that I am.  He's only 6 but his teacher says he's always finding the games on the school computers even though they keep trying to hide them.  Do you know what he did last week?  This is so funny you'll get a kick out of it.  Well Molly's friends (his real name is jack but he likes to be called molly) molly's friends were over having a tea party and they were so cute.  They were all dressed up in tiaras and feather boas.  Don't tell his mom but I let him borrow my lipstick to play with.  They were all so cute that I brought them some real tea for their little cups.  You know those danged little cups can't handle boiling water?  It's too hot, they melt right away.  So do the boas, which I found out were some sort of plastic, not feathers.  One of the little girls had to go the emergency room with second degree burns on her hand neck and leg.  It's terrible, isn't it? Why make a tea set if you can't put tea in it?  I know they mostly will use their imagination but it's a tea cup, it's got to be able to hold tea doesn't it?  Just as a matter of principal.  Don't you think so?  So do you have any grandchildren? 


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Sorry, can't talk now. The IRS will be getting a warrant for my arrest if I don't return they're call right away and my grandson needs bail money. But I was just notified that my uncle in England died and left me millions of dollars. I'll get the money after I send them $4,400.00 for the legal fees.

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