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I had a preaching appointment this morning that took me past a bass pro distribution center.  Ordinarily I am opposed to shopping on Sunday but my son was with me and we reasoned it would be ok, so I gave in to temptation.  There was a decent amount of shotgun ammo on hand.  Rifle and pistol ammo was sporadic so half the shelf space was filled.  no 308, but some 3006.  a lot of 300 but I don't need that.  There were a handful of Uberti cartridge SAA type pistols, a Vaquero, a few Kimber 1911 and 1 4 inch barrel Kimber K6s 357.  A few FN pistols, a few SIg 1911, 210, and a couple of other larger pistols, some Taurus, a Beretta M9-22.  lots of empty space .  A decent selection of over/under shotguns, including 2 used Bass Pro Brand over / under shotguns for 339.  a few semiautomatic shotguns, a few lever action Henrys.  A couple of Springfield M1a , regular and tanker.  only 1 AR15, some bolt action rifles.  a few 22 rifles, 2 10/22, mostly bolt 22 rifles.  I had some points to burn and gift cards so I was hoping for a better selection.  overall things seemed some better than they did at another Bass Pro back in March.  Maybe things are slowing down, or everyone is back to work and too busy to keep buying.  

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