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Looking for a gunsmith to line bore and re-chamber a cylinder

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I have always admired the colt flattop target revolvers but buying and shooting a real one is unrealistic, which leads me to a reproduction.   I would prefer a Bisley flattop, but only a few were made by us patent firearms, which is out of production.  I have never actually seen one for sale.  I am thinking of building an SAA flattop using a current production Uberti flattop as sold by dixie gun works.  This would involve taking a new gun, blueprinting it, defarbing It (removing the Italian markings other than the serial number), remarking it, fitting the proper grips, and refinishing it in all blue, like the originals.


I will do most of the work myself but there are a couple of things I will have to have done. For example,  I would like to chamber the gun in .44 Russian.  Since Uberti does not make ,44 Russian cylinders for the SAA, I would need to have a cylinder cut.  I could use a .44 spl cylinder, but for best accuracy, I would like to line bore the cylinder, so I might as well get the chambering I actually want.  


Does anyone have a recommendation for a smith who does cylinder line boring a rechambering?

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Try Johnny Meadows at (928)300-6684. Tucson, Az

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Alan Harton, Houston.  One of the best.

8822 Jackwood Street Houston, TX 77036

(713) 772-8314



Joe Perkins probably can handle the boring and chambering too.




Good article to check for Harton and other top shelf Six Gun smiths:


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I do have a great friend of mine Gunsmith Olympia, Wash Morrows Gun Works.

(360) 491-4310 or the shop at 491-5456.  He does special work.

Tell him Joe sent you/


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