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Crosscut Hardy is a member of cowboy town destroyed by hurricane


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Howdy Pards,,


When I posted a list of names in the "Cowboy Town in Louisiana Destroyed by Hurricane Laura" thread as examples of folks you might know who could vouch for my character regarding sending donations though PayPal , a few of those folks were members of our club (Possum Skinner, Ed Seiker, Nellie Blue, Texas Tommy Gun, Texas Gator, and Cajun Queen) but I inadvertently left out a long-time club member and a close personal friend who a large number of you should know - Crosscut Hardy.  Crosscut has shot in 89 annual shoots since 2006, and has won the SASS Louisiana State Championship in the senior gunfighter category each year since 2010.  Furthermore,  was honored at the 2017 SASS Texas State Championship by being selected as recipient of the match's Spirit of the Game award and he's not even a Texan!


So, if you're just thinking about donating and you know Crosscut Hardy, let that be the lever that pushes you over and prompts you to send in a donation to help us rebuild his home club.  And Crosscut my pal, I'm real sorry for the oversight.


Hellbender, President

Up the Creek Gang





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Hell Bender truly you're too much lol.  Thank you for using all your skills and appeals to encourage CAS folks to make a heart felt donation to help us rebuild Up The Creek Gang CAS Club here in Lake Charles.  We really have our work cut out for us and will appreciate any and all donations given.   


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