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Why I like to be prepared

Trigger Mike

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my oldest son loves his atv.  He loves mud holes.  He took the tractor and made another mud hole in the woods and wanted me to see it and approve it.  I prefer shady trails with an occasional mud.  


I nearly always wear snake boots in the woods.  One reason is I hate snakes.  The other is my snake boots are about the only comfortable shoe I have.   I hate having diabetes. 


As I put on my snake boots and my shoulder holster that holds my S and W Governor that I use to help hold my pants up due to weight loss causing them to fall down, my oldest son makes fun.  He tells his mom that whenever I go to the woods I act like I'm going to war.  


Off we go and get to the new mud hole that is currently dry as dust as you may have noticed in the picture of the new puppy.   I look down and noticed a less than 2 feet long baby rattlesnake crawling by my feet.  BOOM goes the governor.   The head is suddenly mangled.  A diamond back rattlesnake is no more.  The puppy decided to play with it and grabbed its head so we took it away from him and threw it into the woods.   


Always be prepared. 

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