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Subdeacon Joe

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Damn, Joe!!   surprised.gif 


Now I'm gonna have nightmares all night~!!   I Do Not Want to See

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IMO, it will ratchet up steadily, both before and after the election.. no matter who wins.  Especially if no winner at all.
This will go on until the appeasing politicians take the muzzle off law enforcement.
I fault this all the way up... from local city councils, to chicken**** gov't officials who refuse to vigorously prosecute these crimes.

If this is not stopped, Americans will fully realize the law is not there to protect them, so they will protect themselves.

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Well. Aren't you a little ray of sunshine:lol::P


The media has spent a month or so telling "us" the election is going to get stolen by..............(insert either candidate here). Their hope appears to be barring a total blowout for one party or the other, they will be able to "de-legitimize" he-who-shall-not-be-named LOL so if he wins a second term, they can tie the electoral college up until the Congress must act. They could of course declare that other girl....I mean that other guy LOL the winner.....either way, the decision will go to the courts. I cannot envision any decision that would be acceptable to the American people IE; no matter which way they swing the cat, about half of America gonna be upset. Given the circumstances of that, I dare say, that it will be an "S" show of epic proportions.


And now, we have another little problem.......


If there were to be a legal challenge to the election, the electoral college or Congress using their duly empowered Constitutional powers to decide said election it would ultimately make its way through the state and federal courts to.....oh boy.........you're gonna be shocked......wait for it........oh./...ooh./....oohhh......OOOOOO!!!!


The Supreme Court.

Their present makeup currently is four conservative justices, three of the other sort and Chief Justice John Roberts. I will say only that any animosity Justice Roberts may or may not feel towards the President was earned. (Sorry Mr President, you had that coming) However, I do not envy CJ Roberts in his capacity as he MUST put his personal beliefs aside and rule according to law. And I believe he will do so. The question is, will the opposition party accept their decision? Will the American people?


To add some fuel to that little dumpster fire, every democrat I can think of has already gone on record against appointing anyone to the Supreme Court until AFTER, not just the election but the inauguration. At least two so-called republicans have already done pretty much the same thing. Can you imagine these people exercising their Constitutional powers after a contested election/ Electoral College results?


I don't much like people playing games of this magnitude with my Country.

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