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Folding Screwdriver Knife design (maybe shellpuller)

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After poking around on the forum here I decided to order an Opinel No7 Carbone yesterday.  the design has been in continuous production since 1897 (although it didn't have a locking ring back then).  I love the carbon Opinel blades, cheap and so easy to sharpen and stay sharp!  I plan to turn it into a screwdriver knife and chop the handle so I can use the driver with the knife closed.  I'd love to craft a shellpuller bolster for it, but I wasn't sure when those started to be popular.  Anyone know if shellpuller bolsters were a thing in the 1890's?


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Well, we are not "re-enacting" the Old West.  It IS a fantasy game.   Screwdriver holsters, either hung from gun belt or attached to a holster side, are in wide use in SASS matches.  Go for it!


Good luck, GJ

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Here's what I put together this weekend from an Opinel No 7.  I figured out some sweet tricks in the making.  I'd be willing to make these for anyone that wants one, $35 shipped, just give me the driver dimensions you want and what size Opinel you want, I can work with someone wants one of the specialty handles for an upcharge.  All proceeds will go towards my SASS  membership fee.  Still trying to figure out a shell puller bolster however.



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I find a Marbles folding/locking Electrician's knife (which is made with the screwdriver tip in it) works real well. Model MR282.





Very reasonable price ($9) right now at that site.


I don't worry about losing it.  Fits in the sheaths made for screw knives very well - with the blade locked open and ready for use.  


And, I also like the jam-clearing knife/tool that Palo Verde sells.  (That one I do worry about losing.)


Good luck, GJ





marbles MR282 elect knife.jpg

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