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2020, The Movie

Subdeacon Joe

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Yes, this is the movie where 15 minutes in the bottom pops out of the extra large soda that you placed between your legs. You jump up in shock with a cold wet crotch and dump all of your popcorn on the floor. Then someone hits you with a half eaten hotdog covered in mustard and ketchup and yells “Sit Down!”  You leave to try and get cleaned up and the toilet in the next stall overflows while you try frantically to clean up using wet paper towels. Your pants get wet from toilet water. You decide to leave but slip and fall hitting your head. You see stars then nothing. You wake up in an ambulance nude from the waste down with a massive headache and you’re so dizzy you throw up what little popcorn and coke you drank all over the paramedic because you have a concussion...


Bad Day In a Bad Year  BDIBY ;)




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I don't know, I'm pretty sure the late Mr. Serling had a hand in writing it. It isn't simply horror. It is bizarre horror.

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