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Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

***SOLD*** ... Uberti '66 Carbine, .38, Short Stroke, Super Slick

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Sold & Delivered to  Waymore Loco!


Maybe next time Sasparilla Groz ..... Thanks!!!!!!


Thanks for Looking!





















...  My Super Slick Uberti '66 Carbine in 38 spl.

Full Race..... Short Stroked, It's Super Reliable and Super Smooth... 

Mfg date is 2015, so I believe it's Uberti's latest version of their Toggle Link Lever Action's

Short Stroke, C&I I believe, Action is super smooth with ultra reliable lightened leaf springs,

Lever pull measures at 2 3/4 lbs.... trigger pull measures the same.

Aluminum mag tube liner w/ stainless follower and spring,

The Loading Gate tension has been lightened and the Tab has been reinforced so it's 100% reliable.

Lightened Brass Carrier, I prefer Brass because it has a more positive "feel" than aluminum.

Barrel band sight replaced with Dovetail cut into barrel..... Marbles Lg. Bead front sight

It's not going to slip like the ones on the band are prone to doing. 

Custom Marbles Semi Buckhorn rear sight

Lengthened and hardened Firing Pin with extra light return spring, LOP is 12.5" 

The gun is in Great condition, everything mechanically is as good as it can be.

The wood does show wear and does have lots of "character".... But that just makes it Better... Rite :D

The Frame has been engraved by Aspin Filly....

The side plates are bare, so you can personalize it for yourself.

Lots of Pics Below........ Check em out.


$1200 plus shipping costs to your FFL

It will be shipped to your FFL directly from an individual !!!!

I will take it to an FFL here to ship to your FFL ... IF they require it, but it will cost More!


Here's the Pics...........




Edited by Silver Sam, SASS #34718L
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Hiya Sam.  What does that ghoul on the left side of the stock think about it?  :)

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8 minutes ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

Hiya Sam.  What does that ghoul on the left side of the stock think about it?  :)


It does resemble a Spooky Skull Dont It ..... I think its pretty Cool :ph34r:


It is more obvious in the Pics.... In Person it's a little more subtile.

Edited by Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

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