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CMP 1911 Sold

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  • Medical bills force sale. I applied and was able to get one of the 8,000 CMP 1911's. I received this in October of 2019. It has sat in my safe since. Asking for my original purchase price, I'll cover the shipping to your FFL. Of course, offers considered. Thank you for looking.


  • Remington Rand/Colt CMP 1911

    • Field grade CMP 1911

    • As purchased from CMP all accessories

    • NOT fired by owner

    • $950.00 (Priced paid to CMP)

CMP 1911 c.jpg

CMP 1911 b.jpg

CMP 1911 a.jpg

CMP 1911.jpg

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I would like to be backup buyer in case Guy changes his mind. Years ago my father purchased an identical pistol that I inherited when he died way too young of cancer. Then when my cousin was shipping off to Vietnam Nam I loaned the pistol to him so he could take a something from his of his Uncle Chuck with him for luck.   But that was the last time I saw both my cousin and the pistol. Cousin Bill was 6’6” tall and weighed 245#. Sometimes it happens when you don’t think it will. Cousin Bill was named after my fathers brother who was killed fighting in Germany in 1945. As an aside, my great grandfather Bill survived the battle of Beechers Island in 1868.


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