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WTB (NON-CAS): North American Arms Ranger II .22WMR/.22LR with 2.5" barrel

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Hi everyone. This particular model of the North American Arms mini revolver caught my attention because it resembles a lilliputian Schofield revolver with its break top action. I am specifically interested in the variant with the longer 2.5" barrel length, larger boot grip, and included .22LR conversion cylinder that is pre-fitted to the frame from the factory. The manufacturer's model number for that package is NAA-22MC-R250.


It doesn't seem to be readily available anywhere locally, but since this is definitely a "want" (and far from a "need") I'm not overly motivated to order a new one through a store or online. However, I thought I'd see if anybody here has one sitting in a safe or otherwise looking to sell so that the transaction could at least benefit someone in the SASS community.




I'm also curious to hear your opinions about these little revolvers from a practical standpoint. It'd honestly be mostly for fun and plinking, but its tiny size is certainly attractive for carrying in a pocket holster when I don't want to (or otherwise cannot) carry a larger autoloader. I've read several articles across the web that report that while diminutive, .22WMR is still not anything to scoff at and can be an effective defense around... or at the very least, better than nothing. (Personally, I wouldn't want to get shot with it!)


Lots of the criticism I read about it revolves (:rolleyes:) around it being single action and difficult to operate under stress, but I'd argue that anything is possible with practice even with something this small... and out of anybody, we certainly get plenty of practice working single action revolvers quickly and accurately! (Too bad these aren't legal for official SASS use in side matches though, since they are smaller than .31 caliber and are not a pre-1900 design.)

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I don’t have one those models for sale but you also mentioned “feedback” on the little guns.

I bought one of the “conventional” models 22mag & 22lr 
I would have preferred the Ranger but went with what was available 

I have large hands so handling that little guy takes some practice but is doable

Recoil is minimal even with the small frame & light weight

I got a leather pocket holster from CrossBreed and carry the little guy whenever anything larger is impractical 

The biggest complaint is it is VERY LOUD, specially with the 22WMR  but is definitely FUN

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I have no personal experience with this gun except when I first saw it...





Hope you buy one soon and post back here how much you LOVE it.


PS  I had an Earl that I sold in a moment of madness. 


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Had  a clpl other NAA ‘s  and love them

Bought this one  before  I watched any

u tube videos !? Bad move!!

when cocking with any speed you WILL on

occasion hit the cylinder release WITH the

hammer !!!!  Cylinder pops = Bad ju ju !!!!

Sold it and even warned the new owner who

called me days later saying he thought I was

A newb with poor gun handling skills until he fired it himself!! Seems the same thing happened to him.

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