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Wyatt Hurts SASS#72737

SPF Aimetch Lasers

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The In-Bore Laser provides an excellent training aid for dry fire practice.  The In-Bore Laser slips into the bore of your firearm and is triggered by the vibration of the hammer or striker drop.  Designed to fit the most popular bore size 38cal/9mm, or 357.  *** They work great and its a cheap way to work on speed and accuracy using driveway reflectors as your targets*** or they work with Laser Marksman targets.

The In-Bore Laser can be adjusted for alignment with your sights.  With the four screws on the nose of the In-Bore Laser, you can adjust the laser beam to exactly fit your sight picture.

The In-Bore Laser is fabricated from aluminum, brass and delrin to prevent damage to the bore of the firearm.  

No need to remove the batteries between practice sessions.  The batteries will last nearly the shelf life of the batteries (several years or more) if not used, or over 50,000 shots..


These run $139 plus shipping each when purchased from the manufacturer.


I will sell the pair for $200 plus $10 shipping. SPF

aimtech-systems-inbore-laser-single-action-ir (2).jpg

aimtech-systems-inbore-laser-single-action-ir (1).jpg


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Sold pending payment

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