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:FlagAm: In 2008, Colt ran a limited production run of Frontier Six Shooter pistols.  Colt Frontier Six Shooter on the barrel was the moniker for being chambered in 44WCF.  These were as close to original as the pistols produced starting in the late 1870's to compliment the '73 Winchester.  These have the set screw for the cylinder pin and bullseye ejector rods just as the originals did.  Also have cylinder bushings.

This pair is one digit off of being sequential, last numbers being 62 and 64.  Both pistols sport custom Mesquite root burl grips crafted by Joe Perkins of Outlaw Grips.  Joe also performed an action job.  Both pistols also have the hammer spurs lowered, original hammers professionally lowered, not cut and/or welded.  Both are 5.5" barrels.

These pistols have never been fired.  Chambers sized correctly.  I load .430 bullets using Winchester brass and these cartridges fit fine.

Both pistols have everything thing shipped with them from Colt.  Outer white boxes have some damage caused by neighbor's puppy unknowingly spending the night in the garage and pulling them off a lower shelf of loading table.  Puppy is now a full sized dog and doing well in spite of this mishap.

Just a beautiful pair of Colts having spent the last twelve years in the safe.  100% not a mark on them anywhere.



If you have any questions, please post here.  If you would like to discuss price or make an offer to purchase, please P.M. me.

Thank you for taking the time to look and any consideration given.


Chas B. Wolfson


Sorry for a little glare in photos.  Color case is strong and vibrant on both pistols.






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I just ruined my iPhone. Drool all over it! Very nice pistols! Wish I had the $

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If the deal falls through and if the OP would be willing to accept gold coins as payment put me down for 2nd.  I have a number of Mexican 50 peso coins which have about 1oz of gold in them a piece.  It is said that back in frontier days an oz of gold could buy a new Colt, perhaps an oz of gold can still buy a Colt today?

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