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Widder - going under the knife

Widder, SASS #59054

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Whew, and its gonna be a sharp one.


This ain't a pity thread.  Not at all.  Many before me and many after me will experience similar surgeries..... some more traumatic.


Anyhow, Doc Heartbeat has been watching my old ticker for the past 3-4 years and the hearts situation has come to a point

where some surgery is required, beyond normal catheter type implants.


So, next Tuesday (Aug 18) I am scheduled for open heart for a new valve and 2 by-passes. 


I cherish my Wire Pards, many of whom have become good friends and acquaintances over the years.  Many have become

email and phone pards also.

And I thought it would be disrespectful of their friendship if I didn't share this bit of health situation.


I'm scheduled to stay in the hospital for 5 days, so hopefully, I should be back visiting everyone sometime late next weekend.


I called Red Knee to share this news and he told me that he's gonna put some serious money down on there being a new

Speed 97 champ at the TN State in October.    He's such a nice guy..... ;)


And somehow, someway, I know this situation has something to do with that HooDoo Doll and chicken foot that TN Williams

put on my cart last year.    I should have never hidden his Nanner Split..... :lol:


If I can somehow get computer access from the hospital next week, I'll holler back at everyone.


EDIT:  just so Red Knee knows, I been functioning the past few years at about 50% and less efficiency..... ;)

Your worse nightmare will be up and ready to Rock N Roll  in 2021.





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I know that you’ve been anticipating this for a while.  I won’t say looking forward to it, but you have commented on getting through it and being better for it.


Me ‘n’ Schoolmarm are sayin’ a prayer for ya’!  


Here’s hoping you get it all fixed and you come out the other end faster, stronger, and hopefully purtier too!!


Schoolmarm says she’ll brain ol’ Tennessee Williams if he don’t behave right!!

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Best of luck.  My wife has an appointment next week to discuss with her doctor, so I am familiar 

with the concerns. You can bet that you will be in my prayers. When this is all over and you are again full of juice and vinegar, don't shoot your posse up. You may need them at your next match. Good luck. :)

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1 hour ago, Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646 said:

Widder I will attempt to supervise Nannerman as best I can during your convalescence, so hurry back. Be well



Did someone say nannerman? I'll keep torturing him for you Widder. Speedy recovery.


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A speedy and full recovery for ya.

Be prepared... they may need to do more after they get in there.
Make sure your spouse is fully prepared to authorize it.
You don't want to go to all that prep, just to close up and come back a month later.

My neighbor was scheduled same as you... once they got the package opened, he needed a 5-way.

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Dang, sure sorry to hear that you are going under the knife but its for the best so says the sawbones.  Prayers up for successful surgery and complete healing. I know you've got a good nursing team with the Bunkhouse Boss riding herd on everything, I know she'll take good care of you.


As for that chicken foot and hoodoo doll, somehow that ended up on my car.  Ole TW oughta know that kind of stuff don't work on the natives! :D Anyhoo those little toys ended up back in his cart at the SE Regional and then on to other locations so you should be finished with that foolishness.  You just need to make sure you put some of your special lube in his nanner split that you'll be buying him, and I ain't talkin' about your gun lube, I'm talking about your special gastro lube! :blink:


Oh, and you'll now become a member of the zipper club now too!  Wear it proudly.



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4 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

If I can somehow get computer access from the hospital next week, I'll holler back at everyone.

Cell phone, data plan.


The hospital wifi will likely suck and possibly block this forum. You won't be able to surf porn either.


But with a cell phone and a data plan and your login and password, you will be good to go.


And don't surf the porn even though I just handed you the keys to the kingdom, give your heart some time to heal before giving the ticker too much of a bump.

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Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope you feel much better after

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You will certainly be in our prayers, Widder. Knot said you’re taken this gamin’ stuff too far. Good luck with the surgery and get better soon.

...Shamrock and Knot

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