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Charlie T Waite

Gun Dealer on 'New Normal' and the Guns and Ammo Ordeal

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Posted (edited)

I don’t shoot much small pistol. Schoolmarm only shoots a few rounds of .38/357 now and then to keep sharp.  Hatfield hasn’t shot a SASS match in a couple of years and only practices his cowboy stuff once or twice a year, but now my grandson has gotten interested, so I decided to get some more .38 loaded up for him. I figured a thousand rounds would do.


 I rounded up all the empty brass I had and bought a little more, ordered some 110gr bullets for this run and grabbed a pound of powder. When all of this came about, I went to my primer stash and could only find one box of a thousand small pistol.


 I had gathered up four hundred 158gr jacketed hollow points and decided to roll up some hot .357 rounds, (I had 150 empty cases) and a few +P .38s to round it out.


 I told myself that I could just go buy another box or two of small pistol primers.  WRONG!!!  I stopped in at a local gun store and they had less than a case of Federal and little or nothing of anything else. I grabbed a box, (I won’t buy ‘em all) and looked at the price tag. $49.99 a box!!  I put ‘em back and walked out of the store.


 I called up a local shooter’s supply and asked if they had any. “No sir, but I can take your order, backorder it and when I get more I’ll call you.”  I gave him an order for a couple thousand.


He called today to tell me that they were in. When I got there I gave him my card and he ran it up. $34.21 each!!  


Patience is a virtue and it supports wallet health! When I told him what they were charging, he laughed. He said his prices don’t change unless they have a sale,(lower prices) or the manufacturer changes their prices.


At the big gun show last Saturday, there were no small pistol primers anywhere!!

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Sir, it looks like you are near Nashville.  The Sportmans Warehouse in Murfreesboro will sell you 1,000 CCI small pistol primers for $24 with local pickup if you order online.  These are not my favorite primers for CAS but they might keep your grandson shooting.  You could at least load some practice rounds.

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The order for two boxes of Federal was only 20 minutes away at Midsouth Shooters Supply and Murfreesboro is an hour away, give or take.


 I’m not a fan of CCI.  They’re cheaper for a reason!

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