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Fee for selling equipment

Trigger Mike

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There is always the problem of the dealer losing his sale.

Two dealers one has a 10  one wants 30.

Guess which one I go to?



30 percent of nothing is.......


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Had a neighbor who bought & sold car. Had a car at a detail shop some people saw it there at the detail shopended up buying it.The shop owner told my neighbor that he owed him a fee because the buyers saw it at his detail shop.Neighbor ended up having to pay the shop owner because of some laweven if there was no deal between them.  Kinda Sucks.


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22 hours ago, Trigger Mike said:

what is an appropriate amount to pay if the john deere dealer sells farm equipment for me?  10% commission will be a lot of money.


After my Dad's death I approached a trusted used car Dealer.  We agreed on a 10% commission.  Dealer is located on a major State Road, two months later car was sold.  Dealer earned his money and I didn't have to take late night calls from tire kickers.

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