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Withdrawn from sale

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:FlagAm: Uberti 1873 Winchester, 24" barrel chambered in 44WCF.  I purchased this rifle 4/2011, unfired condition.  It was shipped directly from seller to C&I.  5th generation short stroke, action job and lightened brass carrier.  Leather lined lever.  I wish I knew the history of this piece.  It has several subtle differences from any other Uberti manufactured rifle we have owned.  

The factory front and rear sights have no set screw. 

There is no import label,  just UBERTI USA, LAKEVILLE CT  on the top flat of barrel.   Caliber stamped  CAL. 44-40 first flat to right of top.

                                                       MADE IN ITALY BY A. UBERTI 

No manufacture date code on receiver but on the left hand barrel flat just in front of receiver.  Right above top edge of hand guard.   BL=1998

The top of the hammer spur is not of a cross hatch design but rather finely cut straight lines running left to right.

Bottom of lifter is engraved 44 CAL - Came this way, OP stated that way when purchased by him.  Had this lifter lightened.

The case colors on receiver are very deep and vivid.  The best I have ever seen.

The polish and blueing are very fine and deep shines blue.

No storage or handling marks.

Very minor mark on loading gate from action function test.

Not common for a straight stock rifle from this production time to have checkered furniture.


My plan was to have engraved to represent a 1 OF 1000 example.  I have other engraved guns and this project just did not happen.  I have never fired this rifle.  It is better than new!

Withdrawn from sale.

Please feel free to ask any questions here on the wire.  If you would like to discuss price or purchase, please P.M.   I will respond ASAP.  I am willing to discuss an offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post and any consideration given

Chas B




















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A Tuesday morning bump for a top tier cowboy and a beautiful rifle. What are y'all waiting on? Christmas? It'll be here sooner than you think, buy this rifle now or spend that money on junk the grandkids will trash before Valentine's day.

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I can't believe someone hasn't snatched up this beauty yet?? Chas has a reputation of underpromising & overdelivering, you can count on this rifle being nicer than he described it. Why I bet he'd even bring it halfway across the country if you wanted to lay eyes on it in Tennessee, assuming someone doesn't pony up & buy it before the October TN State Match..........

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Would you be open to trade, I have 3 I am thinking of trading. 1 is a Springfield Trapdoor one is a winchester 1895 with winchester factory letter in near excellent condition for a 115 year old gun and finally a 1903 Springfield full military in great shape.

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