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Lets see some dogs

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This is Fidget, my ferocious rabbit hunting/flushing partner. He's a Jack Russell but was born with no spot on his face. Snobby breeder didn't want him, told me he was worthless. Boy was she wrong. He has the best nose and is a real good boy.


Screenshot_20200929-101119_Facebook.thumb.jpg.dcd23474fd01465d6ef7ff75bbe9b2fd.jpg 20200912_185728.jpg.225287b2e550524a22ba12d0950be141.jpg 





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Difference between a dog and the wife


Throw the wife in the trunk of your car and drive over every bumpy road you can find. Then open the trunk and see what happens.

Put your dog in the trunk and drive over the same roads and when you open the trunk see how happy and excited your dog is to see you.

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This is Rose, (in repose) our Shar Pei/terrier mix. She agreed to join us last January when she was 7 1/2 years old. We met at the shelter and all we know is she's originally from Mississippi. Would love to know more about her background, but so far she isn't talking.  All we know is she's a character and a sweetie! :wub:



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Jezzy doing "Fat Bat"!!  She rolls around, squirming and writhing with an ugly look on her face that resembles that of a bat!


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