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Lets see some dogs

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On 8/20/2021 at 2:47 PM, Perro Del Diablo said:

Hey ya'll meet Shilo


Shilo has been drafted. Yesterday took her to professional trainer for a 2 week puppy bootcamp. I believe this is good idea since she is 5 months old 45 lbs and as big as some German Shepards. Her estimated weight at 1 year is 107 lbs. She is sweet playful pup that doesn't realize she is bigger than 10 lb cat when she wants to play.

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2 minutes ago, Buckshot Bear said:


They gladden the heart don't they!



They do. 

Tough day at work, kids not happy, unexpected bill; the dogs are always there to great you when you walk in the door and never cuss you when you step out of line. Yes sir, mans best friend. 

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It was a lazy day today and Booby was just plain bored!


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5 hours ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:



That he's up there doesn't surprise me. I had a dog that slept on top of the dog house and another one that slept in her food pan.  What I want to know is how he got up there without knocking something over. ;)



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Don’t… EVEN…get … me…started!!




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