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Judge closes range

Yusta B.

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Yet another case of inconsistent gov't agencies squabbling among themselves.

Here in the PRK, it is written into law that only the County health officer has the authority to quarantine the sick.
Nobody has the legal authority to quarantine the healthy, lock down business or enforce social distancing.
This includes the governor and the State dept of health.

However, here in the PRK, Emperor Newsom has a large private army of big cops, with big guns, riding big horses to enforce his mandates.
Law be damned.

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Just a note because a couple of you seemed confused. County judges in Texas aren't judges in the judge whopner sense. They're like the mayor of the county. The only court they work in is the commissioners court, which is akin to the silly council of the county. So they have some executive power. No one had to bring suit for this to happen. 


Things like this aren't to make covid go away, they make covid stay longer. The whole point of shutting down was to flatten the curve to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. Well, we flattened the hell out of it. We flattened it so much that health care providers were being laid off. Now it's going to linger much longer than it should have. If you want it to end quick you gotta open up and lift the restrictions. If you want to drag it out, let them keep everything shut down. The people who are going to get it will get it sooner or later no matter which tact we take.  There will be no vaccine. Corona viruses have been around longer than humans. If we haven't found a cure before now there's not much hope of a vaccine anytime soon. 

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