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Charlie T Waite

Can You Carry Concealed While Wearing a Mask?

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Can I or will I or do I?






If it's truly concealed, no problem.


Anymore it has been my observation that in mandated mask areas (mine) people are looking to see if other people are wearing masks and shooting dirty looks at those who are not instead of some anti-gun Karen trying to discern the printing of a concealed firearm underneath a shirt.

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Im a concealed carry instructor.  In North Carolina.  The mandate specifically states here: that a mask is not to be worn for the means to conceal ones identity (in play if you are doing an armed robbery.  There is also another statute that states: mask wearing is fine everywhere while during a pandemic and to reduce issues with public health.  


The Book of Faces blew up about this two months ago.  The dumb is strong in the world.  


But yeah, im in the "concealed is concealed" camp. 

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I am also an instructor. I am not a lawyer.


From my perspective, let's first confirm there is no (none nada does not exist) federal law prohibiting masks while in possession (carrying) a firearm. Just to kill all of those rumors. I have no idea where those started but get asked about it regularly.


At the state level... Just Illinois. No other state has a law on the books that I am aware of and I have looked. So looking closer at that one state and that one law... It requires intent. An intent to hide ones identity when committing a crime. And many state press releases from Illinois confirm exactly this, if you are using a mask to conceal your identity in order to commit a crime, you will spend longer in jail than you would have otherwise.


If you are legally carrying a firearm and not committing a crime and also wearing a mask to comply with the health emergency directives, then just carry on. Other than the hype and the attempt to spread FUD, there just is not anything to see here.

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