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Charlie T Waite

Who Believes the “Nobody is Going to Take Your Guns Away” Line Now?

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Ol’ Lying Joe is NEVER to be believed when it comes to guns, or anything for that matter!!


 I suspect that he’s so brain dead that all he can do is spew whatever sound byte is drilled into his head before his appearance!! He’s virtually a ventriloquist’s dummy that is barely able to walk!!

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I would have enjoyed watching that young buck in the hard hat beat the crap out of loudmouth Biden.

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Posted (edited)

I firmly believe there is a push from the left that has the goal of pitting law enforcement against gun owners. Harsh anti 2A EOs or legislation is all that is needed to kick this off.


The left apparently has quite the disdain for the police and we know they hate 2A loving folks. Pass a few anti-gun laws, send the police out to confiscate guns, what could go wrong? The left can vilify gun owners and spank law enforcement simultaneously. Sick, yes. Demented, of course. But the left today sees both the police and gun owners as the enemy. Have them fight each other. Great punitive entertainment for the anti-American left; an attempt to punish us for the 2016 election.





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