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Defending the Heritage

Via Daniel Justice

Some Southern Humor from Gen. A.P. Hill's men after the Battle of Williamsburg.

For six days the men encamped while they overcame hunger and weariness. Yet the Virginians under Hill were still capable of humor. One afternoon an aged minister, long white hair and beard blowing in the breeze, walked into camp. A member of the 7th Virginia hollered out good-naturedlly, "Boys ! Here is Father Abraham !"
"Young man, you are mistaken," the preacher replied in a calm tone."I am Saul, the son of Kish, searching for my father's asses, and I have found them!"

"General A.P. Hill
The Story of a Confederate Warrior"
by James L. Robertson
Page 57


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The story of Saul and his servant looking for the asses is found in 1 Samuel 9:3 - 10:2.

True story:

I had just finished teaching a Bible class on these passages where Saul and his servant were looking for the asses, Samuel had anointed Saul to be the first king of Israel, and later some prophets had told Saul the asses had been found and returned home.  

In my closing statement to the class I said, “Class, the moral of this story is: Men who can’t find their asses—often wind up becoming the leaders of the country!”




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