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Wts uberti 1860 lower price

Trigger Mike

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Wts 1860 army.  I bought it new from a shooter who redid the grip by sanding it down to a natural look and refinished the metal so that the more you clean it the more antique it will look.  I have only fired it a handful of times.  Recently I posted on the saloon that I had trouble with it going together right.  


I replaced the wedge and scrubbed the part the wedge goes through and now it is fine, though I do tap the wedge lightly with a rubber handle to get the wedge to seat.  It stays put and comes out easy.  


My son shot it in the attached video and the cap misfires on the next shot so I replaced the cap and it fired.  Likes remington 10.  


I'd like $245 shipped. Now 225 shipped 

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Here are more pictures.   After shooting it I took it apart, pulled all nipples except the red nipple for the empty chamber and cleaned it in hot soapy water and coated it in bore butter and also heated it in the oven at 250 for 10 minutes to drive out the moisture .  The Nipples are tresso 





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I just watched the video with slow internet so it slowed it down and noticed that he kept his finger out of the trigger guard until the pistol was leveled on target.   He must be listening to my reminders. 

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