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Selling 1 Pair Pre-Owned Lucchese Goat Western Style Boots

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I have two pair of Lucchese boots that I have had for decades that I would like to sell.  I bought both pair in the early 1990s when my feet were smaller.  My feet have grown 2 sizes larger and I can no longer fit into either pair.  Before I post these on eBay, I thought I would give the Forum the right of first refusal.  For this particular thread, I am posting info and pictures on the Goat, and will post a second thread for the Ostrich.

I will answer all serious questions below, but I would like to discuss price in the SASS messaging system.  The retail prices I quote are from Lucchese’s website.  Styles have changed a little, so I tried to find a close match to my originals to find the current retail price.  

I’m not a daily boot wearer, so I wore each pair probably 2 or 3 days a year each since the early 90s to give you an idea of the frequency of use.  These boots were never subjected to walking in puddles or flood waters.

I will not accept a personal check, and prefer PayPal.  Below are the details on the Goat:


Lucchese Shiny Goat Skin Western Style:

• Purchased appx 1990 to 1992

• Size = 9-1/2 D

• Original price -unknown

• Current retail price of the “Clint” Goat = $425

• Asking price = $150

• shipping:  my guesstimate based on eBay for boots = $20

• These boots were made in El Paso, Republic of Texas

• The soles and heels are original

• Pictures:















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Wanna haggle?

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