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50-95 Ammunition

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A buddy tells me he has purchased a .50-95 rifle and wants to try it out.

I notice Buffalo Arms had ammunition but is currently out of stock.

Does anyone know of a supplier of loaded ammunition?


Thanks Pards

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What you get from Buffalo arms will definitely not be a light load and will be very expensive. 


Better off to reload his own. A single stage press and dies will be cheaper than 3 or 4 boxes of ammo.


They don't even have to be resized. Just bell the case mouth, load and crimp.

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When I got my 50-140 rifle, I bought dies and components from Buffalo Arms. Cases were so tall that I had to insert the case into the shell holder and cant it to get it in, but it works.



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On 6/9/2020 at 3:34 PM, Palouse said:

Is shipping address Canada?


Unfortunately, yes.

It'll likely have to go through Irunguns or someone in that line of work.

And WOW to the prices listed! Almost $100.00 for 20 rounds!

I'm glad I'm shooting .45-70's!!


Fellow didn't talk to me before buying it. I guess he wanted to be the big gun on the block!

Good luck with that.

I could have helped him load .45-70 and I have lots of brass for the beasts I like to shoot.

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22 hours ago, John Boy said:

Ike... Bertram brass is drawn cases and Roberson is CNC lathe cut.  Big difference

Hey JB, can you elaborate on that a bit?


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Hey JB, can you elaborate on that a bit?

Sure Seamus:

* For starters, lathe or CNC cut are more expensive to produce than drawn cases - one case at atime

* Drawn stretched brass cases with the final product move the molecular structure of brass  bar stock - lathe/CNC cut, are cut  from an undistributed molecular structure of the solid bar stock and the final cases are exactly the same.  This does not cause more 'work hardening' of the cases thus splitting or need to be annealed

* With repeated reloading, lathe/CNC cut brass lasts longer, akin to the "Everlasting" brass cases made by Ballard in the 1800's

Drawn Cases


PS: The only cases I have bought that have a final anneal are European, ie. Privi Partizan 

Lathe/CNC Cut

* Roberson and Rocky Mountain Cartridge Co are the only companies to produce lathe/CNC cut cases from solid brass bar stock

* Plus with lathe/CNC cut brass, the final cases are UNIFORM. Bertram brass cases are not and I have purchased several calibers of Bertram's and sent them back due to un-uniformed produced rims, rim cuts, primer pockets and "punched" primer holes.  I bought 50 new Bertram, Stevens 25-21 cases and 38 out of 50 cases had a long case splits - PP quality control

I have also had issues with Olin (Winchester) brass and sent them back.  All Starline brass are drawn cases but their production quality control is excellent

Okie Dokie- Understand the difference?

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