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SOLD 1894C Marlin 357

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SOLD  Made in 2005.  It's a "JM" marked carbine with a 18.5" round barrel, cross bolt safety and hardwood stocks.  Completely stock gun.  Holds 10 38's and 9 357's.  There is some faint pitting on one side of the reciever, but I can't get it to show up in the photo's.

$800.00 + $20 shipping



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These are great light weight little carbines for ladies and young shooters. I sold mine to a Vietnam helicopter pilot.  I was telling him about a friend of the mine that was awarded medals from being a Vietnam helicopter pilot and the former helicopter pilot I sold it to told me most of the metal he revived was still in him.  I made him a good deal on it

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A few years back I ssold one like it for 350 and the guy didn't ACT happy

about the deal. Of course this was pre 2000 and gold was 300 an ounce.

Compared to gold this one is cheap.





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