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FOR SALE pair of stainless Ruger Bisley New Vaqueros in .45 Colt, 5.5 inch barrels

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These guns were lightly modified by a gunsmith:  trigger pulls lightened, screw installed in trigger to control overtravel, rear sight notch widened.  American elk stocks installed on the guns currently; I have (but can't locate) the original faux ivory grips, which were engraved (by a gunsmith), but I will ship these to the buyer when I locate them.  Asking $600.  Must ship FFL to FFL.  For an additional $100 I can sell the Mernickle belt and holsters I have for these guns (holsters have metal forms to hold their shape).  

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     Costa Rican Kid:

     I will PM you with details about purchasing these revolvers, if you still want to.  Sorry I'm having trouble keeping up here.  We can negotiate on a package price.  Here's the leather.

     Mernickle belt and holsters (holsters are metal-lined).  Asking $100 plus shipping.  Waist size 40 to 44 (maybe 45) inches.

     Shotshell belt from Pioneer Gun Works.  Asking $50 plus shipping.  Waist size 41 to 46 inches.  Loops for .45s and 12 ga.







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New guy here looking for guns and leather to get started n Cowboy shooting sport.  I'm interested in the rugers and the leather if others before me decide not to complete the purchase.  I don't know if I can put my phone number ot email address here but I will check back daily

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