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:FlagAm: My paternal grandfather was native to the Emerald Isle.  Sometime in 1923, in the middle of the night, he caught a freighter to New York City.  Seems he was a very active member of the IRA and that particular night, members of the local British military unit were going door to door looking for him.  Apparently it wasn't to share a brew or two at the local pub.  After spending some time in NYC, he landed three hours north in Liberty, NY.  Mac, as I knew him started up and owned a taxi and limo service.  Back then, people, primarily of Jewish Orthodox faith living in the city spent summers in the Catskills.

I found in one of my safe doors an old business card of his and wanted to share.  This dates from 1927-1928.  


On the front is:      Phone:  TAXI STAND 423                               HOME PHONE 615

                                                               ASK FOR JIMMY McCARTHY'S


                                                          5 AND 7-PASSENGER CLOSED CARS

                                                                   LONG TRIPS A SPECIALTY

    DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE                                                                                LIBERTY, N.Y.



On the back:                                  THE TAXI CAB DRIVER

                                                  The taxicab driver sits in his car.

                                                  And waits for calls from near, and


                                                 He knows all the crooks, he knows

                                                 all the rooks.

                                                 He knows all the bad roads, he

                                                 knows all the nooks.

                                                 He knows all our sorrows, he knows

                                                 all our joys.

                                                 He knows all the girls who are

                                                 chasing the boys.

                                                 He knows all our troubles, he knows

                                                 all our strife.

                                                 He knows every man who ducks out

                                                 from his wife.

                                                 If the taxicab driver told half what

                                                 he knows,

                                                 He would turn all our friends into 

                                                 bitterest foes.

                                                 He would sow a small wind that

                                                 would soon be a gale.

                                                 Engulf us in trouble and land us

                                                 in jail.

                                                 He would start up a story which,

                                                 gaining in force.

                                                 Would cause half our wives to sue

                                                 for divorce.

                                                 He would get all our homes mixed

                                                 up in a fight.

                                                 And turn our bright days into sor-

                                                 rowful night.

                                                 In fact he would keep the whole

                                                 town in a stew.

                                                 If he told but one-tenth of the

                                                 things that he knew.

                                                 But silent he is if you pay him his


                                                 Then he doesn't know a thing but

                                                 his A. B. Cs. 



Every once in awhile I come across this and it never ceases to put a huge smile on my face.

Chas B:D









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