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RV electronic requirements-inverter

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:FlagAm: Looking for info on possible upgrade to system.  We currently have an 800W standard inverter used to power the following:

28" Samsung TV, small Bose sound bar, Direct TV dvr box, Wineguard Direct TV HD rotating dish with control box-located in living area.  24" Samsung TV in bedroom.  All items function as they should, at least in my opinion with the inverter cooling fan cycling while in use.  

I am thinking on adding a 50" Samsung for outside use with a full size sound bar and subwoofer.  Typically the interior TV's would not be used when exterior is in use.  Also might take our large pellet smoker with our occasionally which would be run off the exterior outlet used for the TV.  So, first question is if increasing size of inverter, would a 1,500W unit be appropriate to handle the load?  The smoker would be the greatest use of power-Louisianna Grills unit.  Secondly, is it really necessary to us a pure sine wave inverter instead of a standard, modified wave unit?  The TV's, etc now seem to work fine with the modified 800W unit but the inverter does get fairly warm with cooling fan running a lot but is cycling.  The info on the smoker states 240W, but when plugged into the 800W inverter, the smoker does not operate.

Rest of background info:  Jensen stereo/DVD player is direct 12V hookup.  I have added an Onan 4000W R/V generator along with a 340W  solar system with the panels on tripods and 50' of cable so to be located for the most available sun.  Four 100AH Windy Nation AGM batteries round out the system.

Thank you for any advice and info.

Chas B;)


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800 watt seems a bit undersized to me. I had a 1,500 watt in my old RV and never had an issue. You’re wanting to run quite a bit of stuff on it.

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We have chronic power outages here in the NorCal section of the PRK.
I was looking around for a reliable (read: not made in China) inverter.

As OLG mentions above, a true sine-wave is the device to get.
They are more expensive.

www.aimscorp.net is a place you can look.
I contacted them because they are high quality, but still Hecho en China.
He said they are built there, but built to US designed high quality specs.

Studio Projects microphones uses this same approach.
I spoke with the owner, and he said the Chinese can build the finest quality products... if they are spec'ed as such.
They won't be cheap.

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