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Charlie T Waite

Canada set to ban 11 categories of assault rifles, other weapons

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To the formerly free people of Canada. What the heck are you letting your rulers do to you?

"They" are your representatives not your overlords.

While some would say these are "reasonable" restrictions, by banning "categories" of firearms "they" show:

"They" do not know, understand or care how a firearm works or the differences between firearms. Most semi automatic firearms work under similar principles of mechanical operation, so banning a AR15 because of how it operates opens the door to banning a Ruger model 10-22 because it operates in a similar fashion, has a detachable magazine and can be dressed up to look "military"

"They" say these restrictions have been in process for a while, then why not announce them months ago and have open, honest and intellectual debate instead of obviously waiting for a nut case to go postal? Timing is everything for the gun grabbers/socialists and it is very suspicious that these restrictions were contemplated for some time but no information was leaked to the public about them until they have an emotional peak to ram them down the throats of their citizens/subjects.

"They" have absolutely no interest in regulation as far as the safety of the public. This is all about criminalizing the ownership of a mechanical device that stands in the way of the governments total domination of its law abiding citizens. The first articles regarding this event stated that the perpetrator could not legally purchase, possess or operate ANY firearm as he was already a prohibited person. He killed nearly half of his victims using fire as a weapon, yet there is no call to ban gasoline or matches. "They" cite the need to ban the Ruger Mini 14 based on an event that occurred 31 years ago. Yet there is no discussion as to why this person was prohibited, where he obtained his firearm(s) or ammo or most importantly why he was not locked up for his previous offenses.

Here in the USA we are dealing with the same issues, officials to whom the Constitution is an obstacle to be outwitted, circumvented or simply ignored. Sheeple who mistakenly believe someone else actually cares about their lives and will willingly give control of themselves (and their families) to another without thinking of what they have surrendered. Overzealous enforcement by some officers who repeatedly insist "they were only following orders", which is what most of the defendants at the Nuremburg trials used to excuse their actions.

Sorry for the rant but as long as "they" are given free rein to do as they please by the public, by not fighting back, you (and we) have already lost your (our) freedom.



:( :(:(


Gateway Kid

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all the way down to projectiles, so reloading is also effectively banned 

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