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Look what the dog brought

Trigger Mike

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12 hours ago, Trigger Mike said:

I went to cut grass and as I walked out the front door, I saw one of my dogs resting on the porch and stepped onto the grass to see a small deer head.  What are the odds she would bring home the head? 



The odds are now 100%.    


There's a possibility of it being hit by a car/truck or predator death, and the head was just an easy 

'grab and go' piece of memorabilia.   




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During WW II, When my Dad went to the South Pacific, he got us a big brindle Von Dom boxer male.


One day, our cook was going through the garage and smelled a stink. He looked into the dog house we had there. Inside it were a dozen cat's heads. It was our dog's trophy room!   :D

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4 hours ago, Capt. James H. Callahan said:

We used to have a cat that was quite the huntress. One day we found a half eaten baby cottontail under our pool table, blood guts and all.


I had my tom cat bring in one still alive. All 4 are good hunters sometimes i find the prize dead other times they bring in to play with for awhile. they get mad at me when i take away their live toy.

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