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Anyone shooting a pair of engraved guns?

levi littleton

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I haven't shot these much in the last couple years because the triggers were getting too light, plus other new guns needed to get shot.  But I have done some spring changing and got the trigger pulls back to acceptable range so will shoot them again when the matches start back up.  For now, the Navy gripframes and Tru-Ivory grips are loaned to another set of conversions, so these guns are back to being "Thunderer-Mason Conversions" for the time being.  They have almost 4000 rounds through each. 




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"...Abilene has some REALLY nice toysB)..." 


+1 on that , those are all fine looking pieces , everyone's are that have posted - all put mine to shame , i envy yet , i fear if i had them they would become non-shooters and all of my cowboy guns were bought as shooters , that said , congrats to all of you , i admire your fancy guns , they are beautiful examples , 

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