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. 32 H&R Mag reloading problem

Dusty Devil Dale

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OK.  I loaded another 800 rounds of  .32 H&R mag.  this afternoon after my repair.  I didn't have a single case damaged or malfunction.  I was able to load in half the time without having to continually stop to reach in and tap cases to get them into alignment. 

Afterwards, I converted the machine to load .38 sp. and ran 200 rounds as a test (after altering the platform angle to fix the . 32 H&R issue) .  No issues or problems with the . 38 cal. 


I've had this problem since I bought the machine, years ago.  I can't believe how simple the fix was, or that I put up with it for all those tens of thousands of rounds.   


Thanks again to everyone who helped. 

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