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Taken - Non-SASS Womens Items Free To A Good Home

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I was doing some spring cleaning today and found some brand new women's clothing items I will give away.  All I ask is you pay for shipping from 32909.  Here is the link to the USPS to calculate shipping.  The first "I'll take it" replys to this posting gets them.




New in package, L.L.Bean women's size 20 white cargo shorts with expandable waist.  Retail value $40.00.





Cotton or mostly cotton winter weight knee socks.  I will separate them if desired.


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Hi CK:

Dakota Skipper would love to have the socks!


And, if no cowgirl claims the pants, she can use those too.

But, only if nobody else claims them.

Shipping is to 44118.

I'll PM our address & let me know how much to send you.


Stay safe!


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OK Great.  Let's give it a little bit to see if there are any other takers for the shorts, otherwise you've got it all.



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