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Anyone else shoot battery lugs?

Tom Bullweed

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On 3/26/2020 at 7:46 PM, Michigan Slim said:

I just got about 250 pounds. I've made about 160 lbs of ingots so far. The guy that gave them to me had them sorted pretty well. I also pick the lead off the machines at the dealerships I service. It's odd. Two dealerships in a small town get tons of lead weights. In Fort Wayne not nearly as much. 

Another buddy gave me about 100 pounds of linotype and another gave me an easy 60 pounds of pure plumbers lead. 

Friends with benefits! Lol

I reward them with bullets or ammo. Or several large drinks over a steak dinner.



Hey Slim,

I've got a couple of wheel weights for ya.

When are you available for steak and drinks? :P




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