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Corona Virus and Matches

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28 minutes ago, McCandless said:

To echo Dr. Fauchi in todays hearings, "It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better".  He went on to say that it is 10 times more deadly that the Flu.

He layed out common sense precautautions to take.  No large gathers.   If you are an older person and immunocomprimised., stay home.  

If you have people at home that you care about passing this virus on to.  Stay home.  I'mm and Elder Statesman who gets severe respitory complications from the Flu, or even a bad cold.  I don't think I want to put myself at risk for this, and drag it home to my wife, kids and grandkits... and whoever they expose.   

Daily, the victim and death numbers climb higher.   NBA players have come down with it.  Scientists at meetings have come down with it.  Someone who came in brief random contact with someone who tested positive, came down with it.


Live your life the way it is best suited to you... but ridiculing the advice of the President and the best medical minds in the world is foolish.

Us in the upper age brackets with serious under-lying conditions have to think long and hard about what's right for us.

And about whom to associate with, to put it candidly.  

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2 hours ago, watab kid said:

im not changing my plans at 70 i can live or not any day , already outlived some predictions and not on medication yet , i just signed up for some of my favorite shoots and will show up with only shooting ad socializing expectations , ill wash my hands as always , its "THE FLUE" for cripes sake - it comes round every year in some form or another with an exotic strain every election year here so it will pass , if i pass ...at least i was doing what i like to do , 

That attitude puts everyone around you at risk.  I am afraid that YOU are the one who has swallowed the media hype. 

It isn't just Influenza.  The death rate among non-critical people is almost 20 times the influenza death rate (2% for COVID-19, v. 0.1% for influenza).   For older people above age 70, it is 8% for COVID-19, v. The 0.1% for Influenza.  That is 80x.

To be fair, it is true that a part of that differential is due to large numbers of people annually receiving influenza immunization, but that doesn't account for the entire differential.  


I do hope you don't become a statistic this spring or summer, but your false beliefs could certainly point you in that direction, along with others around you.  I suggest you reconsider.  

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3 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:


Do you have a link to this information? 


I don't have a direct link.  It was published last week in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association.  You might be able to find it online from that info.  

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I’m seriously considering staying home. This virus is dangerous, not like the flu or a common cold. It’s break my heart to make the decision not to go south, but I’ve got elderly parents 81, 90, & 97 years of age that I prefer not to bring anything back home to. Plus, I’ve lived for awhile with a weakened immune system. Do your research folks. This was supposed to be my year to redefine myself since Hollywood Dave’s death, maybe I’m just not up to the task yet. Best wishes to each of you no matter what you decide or believe. I’ve found the below link helpful with emerging cases across the world and in the U.S. It’s updated several times a day.




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3 hours ago, Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 said:


Well, no, it's a new spin-off virus that no one on Earth has had before.   The last time influenza was this potent (because no one had it before) was the Spanish Flu in 1918.   Look that one up, over 25 million died from it around the world.


Really, take precautions that your state or local health departments are advising for your current situation.   I'd much rather shoot with you than mourn you.


Good luck, GJ

True it is not related to the inflenza viruses.  It is most closely related to the virus that casuses SARS (severe acute respiratory syndtom). In fact the actual name of the virus during the current pandemic is SARS-nCoV 2, COVID-19 is the disease it casues.

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Y’all are gonna do what you want to do, and for whatever reasons you have for doing them.  I think you should do just that.


I also think that you oughtta check and be sure that you have your head and you a$$ wired together when you make such decisions to go to public gatherings and quote nonsense like “the 6-foot rule” back and forth to one another.

THERE IS NO VACCINE yet for this virus....The Chinese sent sputum samples of the virus to several of  the world’s major players, but apparently none decided to work on creating a vaccine until the SHTF in China.  So the USA, anyway, is at least two months behind in working on a vaccine solution.....and who knows how long it will take to create an effective vaccine?  In the mean time, the virus spreads.  There is talk that many medical doctors have stated that they will just let older people die, rather than treat them, because the older victims have a higher risk of death anyway.  (If somebody like that let my aged MIL die, well...........)


I figure that in 60 to 90 days from right NOW, there’ll be people who died because they did not take simple precautions discussed here on the Wire and elsewhere, to avoid being infected and then, thereby infected one to ten other people.  After they’ve died or lived, some of the innocent people they were responsible for infecting will also die.


What I read HERE reminds me of 1969.  All my buddies went to Woodstock (translate that to going to a CAS match somewhere).  I didn’t go with them to Woodstock because I had worried parents (family), classes, job responsibilities, expenses, and a couple other significant reasons.  Today, as then, I have similar responsibilities, including a 90yo MIL, a loving wife, extended family and friends, four purebred horses, two dogs, two mortgages, expenses and other responsibilities.....just like all of you have.  There’s no way I’m going out unnecessarily in public, possibly contracting this new virus, then passing it on to my family, friends, and others.


But, y’all do what you want. 

Cat Brules




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2 hours ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

I’m looking forward to the match Saturday and maybe a couple of Coronas afterwards.


I heard that those type of people are more prone to getting Lime Disease.


But seriously...


Look around. No general spectators allowed at any NCAA championship level event, NBA Season postponed, USA Hockey national championships cancelled, colleges and universities closing, the list is growing as we speak.


The biggest reason for that is not because doing this will guarantee that you won't get it.  These are efforts to slow its progression. The best models are't talking about limiting the number of people who are sick, but rather spreading out the number of sick people over time. By doing that, we can hope to not overwhelm our capacity to treat.


Flattening the curve not only helps with our capacity for treatment, but it may also help prolong folks contraction of the illness long enough for more cures and vaccines to be developed.



Image result for cdc flattening the curve




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I saw that graphic.  I've been working from home all week, unfortunately the kids are going to school and so is Sharyn.  That may change soon.  When/if it does I'll have to reevaluate shooting and other 'social' stuff.  Luckily bass don't transmit the stuff, so there's fishing. 

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