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Blackjack Zak

Winter Range - TG Meeting Minutes

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WR 2020 – TG Meeting Minutes

27th February, 2020   @ 5:15 PM


1.     Meeting was opened and Chaired by Blackjack Zak (BJZ)

2.     Welcome extended to all Attendees

3.     Agenda Items from ROC for discussion:


A.     Questions re "cocked rifle" (from the RO Instructor Wire).


a.      Is there a penalty when the shooter releases a cocked, loaded rifle at the expediter (XP)/on deck spot as the shooter is not yet at the place to stage the rifle, but a resting spot in between the LT and the stage?


BJZ explained that if someone comes from the LT with a cocked rifle and releases control (places it down and takes their hand off) at the expediter table (where it is safe to do so at an expediter table that is physically along the firing line), or at the staging position, an SDQ would immediately apply.  The ROC further recommends that the best way to handle a shooter who comes to the expediter table with a cocked rifle is to tell the shooter to hold on to their long guns, keeping them pointing straight up while waiting at the expediter table.  The XP Officer (or shooter) would then inform the TO of the cocked rifle during the hand-over of control to the TO.  The TO would then apply the remedy procedure. 



b.     A shotgun is staged at position A. Rifle is staged a position B. Shooter sets both guns down at Position A so they can get their shotgun sitting just right before heading to position B to stage the rifle. Is there a penalty if a cocked, loaded rifle was released at position A as that is not where it is staged?


BJZ explained that as per the above, as soon as the shooter releases control of the cocked rifle (takes hands off), the SDQ would apply.


 c.      Shooter is starting rifle in hand at position A, shotgun is staged at position B.  Shooter hands off a cocked, loaded rifle to a spotter at position A as they go downrange to stage the shotgun.   Penalty when they handed it off?   


 BJZ – same as the above answer.


B.     The ROC received a “Parts Modification” application for “Carbon Fiber”  Magazine Tube.  The color of the tube presented was in line with the overall color of the firearm.  These tubes have been approved. 


C.     SG Squib followup "WtC?"s from the SASS Wire

     Question: With an 1897, how would "both the shooter and the Timer Operator visually verify and confirm that the shotgun has a CLEARED barrel in order to safely continue using the shotgun?”

     BJZ explained that the ROC believes that if a visual check down the barrel is impossible (like on the 97 Shotgun) tossing something down the barrel (like a rifle round, or using a rod, bore snake) may be the only way to "visually verify and confirm" that it is clear.  To look down from the muzzle is obviously NOT a SAFE method of doing so (it would actually involve SWEEPING the T/O with an "empty" firearm = SDQ).  Also…..blowing the wad out of the barrel from the muzzle end (as some have asked!) is NOT a SAFE method either of clearing a shotgun squib.  This would be considered "Unsafe firearm handling". Penalty is a SDQ.


D.    An email to the ROC was received from Shamrock Sadie (RO Instructor) that in her experience many folks are still applying the “long gun that slips and falls but does NOT break the 170” rule incorrectly.

BJZ again explained the differences, noting that it is an issue of continuous motion.  If a shooter discards a long gun after use, and is at complete rest for a very brief moment, then slips and falls without breaking the 170 degree rule, then this would be an MSV.


Conversely, if a shooter discards a long gun after use, and remains in continuous motion (or is bumped and made to fall by the shooter) and falls to the ground, then an SDQ would apply.  All TG stated that they fully understood the difference, and would remind their Clubs appropriately.


E.     The ROC received an email from a shooter that wanted the ROC/TGs to consider several other pre-1900 rifles for long range side matches.  BJZ stated that the ROC would contact him to get more information as to what specifically he is requested our consideration on.  Open item…..on going.


F.      Roger Rapid (TG) asked SASS what plans they had for recruitment of new SASS members.  Misty Moonshine explained that there is a recruitment program available and would get him a copy or send him the link from the SASS website.


G.    JT Wild brought up the issue of aging in our sport, conveying valid concerns about how clubs should respond to shooters who are becoming a danger to themselves and other shooters around them.  A long discussion ensued, with many options being discussed.  The final thoughts were that we all are aging, and we need to keep an eye on each-other for signs of physical impairment or deterioration.  If shooters have a concern about a fellow shooter in their club (or wherever) they should bring those concerns up with their club leadership, or those in authority in their regions.  Then those people would create an opportunity for viewing that shooter in action to make their assessments.  If it is confirmed that issues exist, then a plan to assist, educate and help that shooter become safe.  At very worst, a kind, respectful and gentle approach should be adopted to convince the shooter (hopefully self-regulate) that they should not be shooting.  The ROC and SASS will consider writing an article to address this very sensitive issue. 


H.    BJZ announced that SASSY DANCER was appointed to the ROC.  She is a top shooter, well respected, and always has a very positive attitude and approach to SASS and Cowboy Shooting.  It was well overdue that the ROC had a woman shooter on the team, and that she would be a great asset in representing the view of the many women in the sport.


I.     Misty Moonshine announced that BJZ was appointed as the new Chairman of the ROC.  Virgil Earp for many years has been the corner stone and keeper of the collective conscience of SASS.  His input and leadership in the SASS community has been exemplary, and invaluable for the process of keeping our “Old West” fantasy sport alive while moving forward with the times.  We all honor and salute his work, and greatly respect his leadership.  Virgil will remain on as a member of the ROC…we are fortunate and grateful for that.   


J.   Boulder Canyon Bob asked if since SASS HQ/Management had any plans to notify the clubs that their TGs were “less involved” than they should be, and that they weren't being represented adequately.  Misty Moonshine floated the question to the attendees, and found the large majority of TGs where in favor of contacting the individual club leadership to advise them of the situation.  SASS HQ would take the matter under advisement.  The matter is on going.    


4.     Meeting was adjourned by BJZ at 6:30 PM.



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