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California State Championship Long Rifle Side Match

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I’ve signed up for the long rifle shoot State Championship match at RR Bar.  It’s my first LR match.  I’m don’t expect to win anything, just learn and have fun. But having never been to one before, I don’t know what to expect.  So here are some total beginner’s questions just so I don’t show up not having what I need.  Thanks for your patience.  I’ll be shooting black powder with an Uberti .38-55 Highwall.

  1. How many rounds should I bring including warm-ups?  I’l definitely bring extras.
  2. Do we shoot standing, sitting with a bipod, laying on the ground, or shooter’s choice?  I’ve seen pictures of all three positions.
  3. I’ll have a squirt bottle of Ballistol or ammonia-free Windex and a boresnake at the line for cleaning between groups, as well as a jar with soapy water and a lid for the spent shells.  Any opinions as to Ballistol, ammonia-free Windex, or soapy water?
  4. Other than showing up with those items and the usual Cowboy match items, is here anything else I should know?


Thanks in advance for your advice.


Mountain Man Gramps

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You need to get the match people to answer this. SASS long range side matches are all over the place. Distance, number of rounds, type of targets, total hits in shortest time vs, total hits. Usually no restrictions on position or using shooting sticks.

Most don't separate BP from smokeless which is a disadvantage since BP shooters need to use a blow tube or run patches down the barrel between shots.


Have you shot BP much? I ask because you usually need to use a blow tube or run a patch down the barrel after every shot to keep the barrel from fouling.


I don't see Long Range listed on the application? I shot this about 8 years ago. It was 4 ram shaped targets at undefined distances up into a grouping of rocks. No time restrictions. Total hits won.


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