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One of two things:


1. Bloomberg uses his money to pressure the democrat party into accepting him as the candidate through the threat of running as an independent. It already got him onto the debate stage, now the party just needs to find a way to sideline Bernie. Bloomberg running as an independent might actually present the first best opportunity for an independent to win; I believe he would draw a lot of support away from Trump, and present a palatable option for moderate dems.


2. Another scenario would be for the democrat party to call an audible during the convention to reject both Sanders and Bloomberg, and prevail on Michelle Obama to come to the rescue of the party.



Regarding California and their tumble over the progressive cliff. I understand the idea that there are plenty of people there who are against liberal policies, but have to wonder -- why does it seem that when people from California settle in another state, the places where the California expats settle almost always seem to begin trending toward the same liberal policies?

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They flee with their inflated housing profits, feral children and B.S. liberal politics.
I also notice a high correlation between Blue immigrants and the computer industry.
Boise, Boston, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Houston, Denver

The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and again, but expecting different results.

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