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Berry's bullets and NASCAR

Widder, SASS #59054

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This is probably old news, but I just noticed that Berry's Bullets is a sponsor for NASCAR #38.


BIG ad on the side and front hood.


I like their 'Thick Plate' bullets in my semi auto pistols.


Of course, for my Cowboy rounds,  I use Scarlett Darlin's.




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The Black Rifle Coffee car won the Xfinity race last weekend at Daytona.  It is owned by Junior Motorsports.

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They appear to advertise in all the NASCAR Series. ;)


          John Nemecheck #38 NASCAR Series



          Austin Dillon #10 NASCAR Xfinity Series



                           John Nemecheck #8 NASCAR Truck Series

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NASCAR the only televised sport that I know of that at the beginning of every race shows the presentation of colors, an invocation, and the national anthem, and none  of the drivers are kneeling.

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2 hours ago, Chili Ron said:


Indy 500???





NASCAR is way more popular in Indianapolis. When I was stationed there you could easily get tickets to the indy 500. If you wanted tickets to the Brickyard 400 better have really deep pockets or know somebody.  Because we were active duty we could have two tickets at face value. If you were not going to use them there was easily a hundred people at Naval Avionics Center Indianapolis that would gladly pay you for them.

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