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Charlie T Waite

Idaho: Shooting Range Preservation Bill Passes House Committee

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Yesterday, the House Resources and Conservation Committee passed shooting range legislation, House Bill 396.  The measure now gets sent to the House floor for full consideration. Please contact your State Representative and ask them to support HB 396 when it comes up for a vote.


House Bill 396 would: 1) Authorize the Fish & Game (F&G) Commission to develop, operate and maintain public shooting ranges and to assist in the location or relocation of shooting ranges; 2) Empower the F&G Director to consult with other agencies to identify land suitable for shooting ranges; and 3) Establish a Public Shooting Range Fund for the purpose of establishing and preserving public shooting ranges throughout Idaho.

Firearm shooting ranges have established a long tradition of service to a wide variety of citizen groups in local communities and they serve as a location to hold both informal practice sessions and organized competitions for those engaged in recreational shooting. Shooting ranges also serve as training facilities for law enforcement officials and military personnel, as well as offering firearm and hunter education and safety courses.  These courses provide invaluable hands-on instruction in the safe and proper handling and use of firearms. 

This important legislation will help to preserve Idaho’s shooting heritage and provide real benefits to Idaho’s law-abiding gun owners.  Please contact your State Representative and ask them to SUPPORT House Bill 396.

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